Cleaning Without Chemicals

I have been vowing for some time now to toss the toxic and go chemical-free with my lifestyle, including my cleaning products.  I admit I dragged my feet a bit.  When you’re short on time, it is pretty easy to grab the nearest toxic spray bottle and go.  But moving to a healthier, more natural environment is important to me, so I decided to suck it up and give all natural a try.

Today’s experiment is floor cleaner.

I don’t care how much you pay for your kitchen garbage bags; I promise you they will disappoint you, at least once in a while.  This morning, when I was taking out the garbage, I sat the bag down on the kitchen floor for just a second while I tied it.  When I returned from taking the bag outside, I discovered a scary sludge of coffee grounds and who knows what else in a little puddle on the floor (just one more reason to compost your coffee grounds!).  I quickly wiped it up with some water and thought that was that.  But it wasn’t.  For the rest of the morning, that sticky spot grabbed at my bare feet every time I walked through the kitchen.

So now with the entire floor feeling sticky to me, I have to give in and mop.  I decided this was the perfect opportunity to try out a “recipe” for natural floor cleaner.  So I grabbed my Castile soap, some white vinegar, and my doTERRA oils and went to work.

¼ Cup Castile Soap (I like Dr. Bronner’s)
½ Cup White Vinegar
10 Drops – doTERRA Wild Orange essential oil
10 Drops – doTERRA Melaleuca essential oil
2 Gallons of hot water

Start with the soap in the bucket then add the hot water, vinegar and oils.  A while back when I tried this, I tried premixing the soap, vinegar and oils and adding it to the water.  When I did that, the ingredients separated, so adding the ingredients to the hot water is the way to go.  Add them while the water is running so that they mix well.

The result?

Success!  This mixture worked great for me.  My floor is nice and clean and there is a fresh scent throughout the kitchen.   It dried really quickly too!  And best of all – no toxic chemicals.  You can use this on vinyl or tile.

Stay tuned for my next experiment –surface cleaning spray

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