If You Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail

If you’ve visited my website, you’ve seen the statement, “Being healthy doesn’t have to be hard”.  That is very true.  HOWEVER . . . it does require a little bit of thought and some planning.  This weekend I was reminded of that, and this morning, one of my favorite Weight Watcher phrases (yes, I’m a Lifetime member) is ringing in my head.  We always said, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.  Yep.  So true.  I just forget sometimes.

December is a crazy busy month for most of us.  You’ve got all of the “normal” crazy busy stuff in your life.  Then you throw in some holiday shopping, decorating, baking, parties and other events - ugh.  Then an emergency or last-minute event pops up, and you’re on overload.  We had a family event this past weekend that threw all of our plans for the weekend out the window.  As a result, I ended up on Sunday evening tired and hungry and stressed.  I had a meal planned, but when I went into the kitchen, I just couldn’t stand the thought of chopping and slicing and preparing the meal.  My dear, understanding husband suggested takeout and we ended up with pasta from the local Italian place.  Thankfully we had ordered a big salad to start the meal - and the food was great - but I ended up stuffed and disappointed in my choices.

The meal I had planned wouldn’t have been that difficult or time consuming to prepare, but at the time the thought of peeling and chopping and slicing was just too much.  I always plan my meals for the week on the Friday of the previous week, so that step is covered.  Now I think I need to take it a step further.  I make my Thanksgiving meal prep easier by chopping all of the veggies for the stuffing, yams, etc. the night before.  In the morning, I grab the Ziploc bag out of the fridge and throw it all together.  Why not make week nights easier by doing the same thing?  Going forward, I plan to keep some chopped onion, peppers and washed, sliced mushrooms in the fridge for quick and easy meals.

Don’t forget this works for snacks too!  You definitely want to have healthy snacks prepped and ready to grab.  I usually have a bag of peeled, cut carrots visible and sitting on top of a tub of hummus in the fridge, reminding me to grab a healthy snack instead of pretzels, or worse.

Spending an hour or so per week planning your meals (and snacks), and prepping ahead as much as possible can save you from a derailing (however delicious) takeout mistake.

Lesson Learned.