Soar through the Holiday Season feeling light and happy

Just two weeks until Thanksgiving, the Christmas movies (and advertisements!) have been on TV for weeks, stores have had their decorations out since about August, and some of my friends have already decorated their homes for the holidays.  It is safe to say that the holiday season is upon us!  At this time of year, you begin to hear discussions about gift giving and holiday plans.  The other thing you hear is the favorite phrase of procrastinators everywhere . . .“after the holidays”.  Everybody, it seems, is going to do or start something “after the Holidays”

Granted people get very busy at this time of the year.  There are parties for hosting, marshmallows for toasting . . . well you know how it goes.  As someone who can procrastinate right along with the best of them, I wonder if we need a reality check.  I mean, there is always something going on, right?  In the summer it is baseball and yard work and vacations.  In the fall it’s back to school and football and raking leaves.  If we wait until our calendars are clear, nothing will ever get done.  As I write this, there are still 7 weeks left in this fabulous year we’ve been given.  That’s 49 days to accomplish something!  That’s 1176 hours to use wisely and purposefully!  It ain’t over yet!

So if you’re thinking about starting your healthy living plan “after the holidays”, consider this.  You have 7 weeks to get control of your weight NOW.  Sure you want to enjoy the holidays and all of the food and goodies that go along with it, but do you really want to add another 3-5 pounds just so that you can struggle to lose them again in January?  I’m thinking it might be better to gain control, rather than pounds, now!

I know it can be done!  I did a 10 day detox program earlier this year.  It just so happened to fall during my birthday and Easter.  Everyone felt so bad for me.  I didn’t have birthday cake or Easter candy.  But what was so awesome, was that I didn’t have the usual 2-3 lb. weight gain either.  I sailed through Easter, was immune to the candy, and hit my birthday feeling light and healthy.  Now that’s a great present!

So as you are planning your gift list this year, plan a gift for yourself.  Start your healthy eating and exercise plan BEFORE the holidays instead of dealing with the fallout afterwards.  Wouldn’t it be great to start 2016 feeling healthy and light rather than bloated and sluggish? 

I will support you and help you to navigate through this season without regretting your choices come January. 

Reduce your sugar cravings, manage stress,
get better sleep and be more active

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