Sunshine and "Fresh" Air

This is the view from one of my frequent running routes.  Anyone who lives in my hometown has a love/hate, relationship with this smoke stack.  In a weird way it is a comforting symbol of home.  On the other hand, it is distressing to see the constant billows of smoke (and presumably toxins) that spew out above our little town.  I can’t help but wonder how this has affected the health of my neighbors and friends over the years.  We’ve grown up with it, and it used to be worse – well, it used to be sootier anyway.

So is it safe to run on this otherwise beautiful morning with the smoke billowing overhead?  I think about that at least twice a week when I am running this route.  Our bodies are designed to rid themselves of toxins through sweating, breathing, and other bodily functions.  I’m just wondering if I sweat and breathe enough on this run to counteract whatever is in that white cloud of smoke.  Maybe I’d better pick up the pace!