My Reese's Addiction

How's it going with the Halloween candy situation?  Even if you don’t have trick-or-treat age kids who are bringing home buckets of candy this holiday, chances are you will still find yourself dealing with the Halloween fallout from coworkers or others who are trying to get the junk out of their own homes and instead put it in front of you.  You have to have a strategy and know your limitations.

In the past year or so I have drastically reduced sugar and junk from my diet and I am so much happier and more energetic than I ever was when I was on the stuff.  So as Halloween approached, I figured I had this one in the bag.  My husband and I briefly wrestled over what to give out.  I wanted to pass out raisins.  (Obviously you can’t give out fresh fruit or anything homemade in this day and age since it will most likely end up in the garbage due to safety concerns.)  My husband said if we gave out raisins we might as well prepare to scrape eggs and toilet paper off of our house the next morning.  We argued briefly, but I gave in as he removed the raisins from my shopping cart and replaced them with bags of Reese’s, KitKats and Baby Ruths.  Uh oh.  I can pass up a Baby Ruth, but Reese’s and KitKat?  I dunno about this.
Well, I’m good as long as the bags remain sealed.  So I put all of the candy in a plastic bag and knotted it shut.  There.  Crisis averted.  And then it happened.  My husband opened the bag.  Now I know I can handle one piece of candy.  In fact, I will often end my evening meal with a small square of quality organic dark chocolate (72% cacao or higher).  Dark chocolate has many benefits other than being delicious.  It contains minerals, and is loaded with antioxidants and flavanols which studies show can improve blood flow and reduce blood pressure.  The best part is, one little square of the good stuff is rich enough to satisfy. 

So surely I can handle one little snack-sized Reese cup, right?  Yes – I can handle one . . . and then another, and another.  Ugh!  It is an addiction.  It’s like in that song by Blake Shelton, “The More I Drink”, where he says “If I have one, I’ll have thirteen . . .”.  That’s me and Reese cups.  It reminds me of when my husband stopped smoking many years ago.  After one attempt, he decided he was going to have “just one” per day.  Well, guess how that turned out.  For some of us, it doesn’t work that way. 

So, like so many, we are going back to the store the night before Halloween to buy more candy.  This time it will be something that doesn’t tempt me and I promise you – those bags will not be opened until the first knock comes to the door on Halloween!

Stay strong, know your triggers and limitations, and leave the bag sealed!

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