Love Your Garden and . . .it will love you back

Like so many areas of the country, we have been under a particularly hot and dry spell.  It is August after all.  My garden, which had been so lush and lovely back in June, is starting to show the stress of the weather via brown leaves and yellowing cucumbers.  I obviously needed to show it some love and take action to preserve these plants that have been so generous to me (and my family and neighbors) since the first lettuce and spinach harvest back in May.  So I spent a few hours toiling in the sun, carrying can upon 3-gallon can of water some 80 yards from the house out to the garden (yes, even the rain barrel is dry).  I tore out the spent broccoli and peas and planted some new lettuce.  It was hard work but it was good, purposeful work that made me feel good. 

When I was all done I decided to pick a few strawberries as a reward for myself, and I discovered the largest one was shaped like a heart.  My garden has provided love in so many ways – through its abundance of healthful vegetables and berries, through the peace I feel from the connection to nature as I tend to it, through the miracle of placing a few tiny seeds in dirt and watching them grow into healthy, strong, life-sustaining plants, even through the movement and exercise I get from working it – but the heart-shaped strawberry touched me and I’m sure was my garden’s way of saying thanks and letting me know that I am loved and appreciated.

That’s what’s working well for me today.  What’s working well for you?