The Obscured Path

The road where I walk some mornings is busy with early morning traffic.  It winds and turns and is overloaded with cars, trucks and busses rushing their cargo noisily onward to this place or that.  There is, at one point on this road, a path created to divert walkers from the dangers of the traffic and guide them safely in the solace of trees and flowers.  Granted, it’s not a long path - it only provides reprieve from the traffic for about a quarter of a mile – but it is welcome relief and it calms me.  

The thing is that the path is not easily seen from the road.  If you don’t know it is there, you might miss it.  However, if you navigate a sharp turn and walk up over the small bump in the road, the path becomes immediately visible.

It occurred to me this morning when I was looking for the start of the path, that if I can navigate the sharp turns and make it up over the small bumps in the road of my life, then perhaps my peaceful path in life will become visible as well.

That’s what’s working for me today.  What’s working well for you?